We’re always here to help and can be contacted during business hours via phone, email or social media. If we can’t chat straight away, you might the find the answer to your question here

Appointment times – pick up and drop off

We know how important it is for your dogo to feel comfortable and ready for their groom. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to settle in and have a pre treatment consultation. We will provide an estimate for the pick up time and when the pampering is nearly done, we will send you a txt. If you’re running a bit behind schedule, let’s face it, we’re all busy, just let us know. We’re happy for some baby-sitting, but not too long now. If you will be a little longer, why not enquire about our baby sitting service (2 hour maximum).

While your dogo is here what can you expect?

Dogo Sapien is a full service spa. This means we do everything from a deluxe bath and blow dry, to full grooms, breed grooms, de-shedding, paw pedis and teeth cleaning. While your dogo is here, they will be with one of the team from beginning to end. When they’re done, they can relax in the spa, or one of our gorgeous play pens, or sneak into the office for a quick cuddle. At Dogo Sapien we certainly don’t have cages of any kind, as the song says…don’t fence me in!

When is Dogo Sapien open?

We are open from Monday to Saturday 8.45am – 5pm

Should I book in advance?

Absolutely! The spa gets very busy and so booking in advance will make sure you keep up with regular grooming for your dogo. Some of our clients book 12 months in advance, while others just the next appointment…the choice is yours.

Can I book online?

At Dogo Sapien we think it’s important to meet you and your dogo to determine what’s best for each appointment. Our expert groomers will chat with you about bathing and coat care to ensure the right treatment every time you visit. You can also chat with us over the phone to determine the service that’s right for you and of course, re-book at your next appointment.

Dogos come in all shapes and sizes…why are they priced differently?

How long it takes, the skill required and the products we use determine the cost of each treatment. For instance, if you’re a gorgeous big Burnese then you might be with us for 3 hours, compared to a pint sized pug who is only in spa for an hour. Breed grooms demand a high level of skill, so our senior groomers will weave their magic, whereas a bath and blow dry will be done by one of our fabulous junior groomers…all with the same care and cuddles. We’re always here and happy to chat if you need a little more information regarding treatments and pricing.

What products do you use and why?

We care for our people, planet and of course our dogos, so only natural and tried and tested shampoos, conditioners, balms, toothpastes and calming sprays are used at Dogo Sapien.

Melanie Newman is our go to in spa with her range of natural plant base ingredients and no hidden nasties, making sure that our dogos look and feel amazing. https://melanienewman.com.au/

Shy Tiger, a range developed by holistic veterinarian of 10 years, Dr. Nicole, was created using nature’s finest ingredients, is Australian made and kind to the environment. https://shytiger.com.au/

Please ask us in spa if you would like further information on any of our products, or better still, pick some up in store to take home and pamper your dogo!

How often should I groom my dog?

It really depends on the breed of your dogo and of course how you would like your dogo to look. Our expert grooming team is on hand to guide you on what’s best for both wellbeing and style.

The most important thing is to create a regular schedule that suits your breed of dog. A four-week schedule is perfect for oodles alternating between a Full Groom, Tidy Groom and Deluxe Bath and Blow-dry.

For shedding dogos, it makes sense to follow the natural de-shedding periods and top it up with a regular Deluxe Bath and Blow Dry. A regular nail clip and ear cleanse will keep dogos’ looking good too.

When should my puppy have its first groom?

Grooming is a big part of your dogo’s life, so at Dogo Sapien we want to get off to a positive start. We recommend a casual meet and greet after the 3rd vaccination at around 16-18 weeks. This will help familiarise your puppy with the team, equipment and spa.

A Deluxe Bath and Blow Dry at around 18-20 weeks followed by a gentle Tidy Groom at 18-20 weeks.

We recommend the first Full Groom at 20-24 weeks setting your dogo up for a lifetime of happy grooming. Ask about our Pup Start program to really kick-start your puppies life time of grooming.

My dogo is a little anxious, will they be ok?

It’s natural for dogos to be a little nervous in new situations and that’s why Dogo Sapien has focussed on creating a calm and gentle environment, taking things slowly and at the right pace for your dogo. This gentle approach that’s unrushed and concentrates on the wellbeing of your dogo means it is relaxing as possible. Hoodies help to reduce the impact of the dryers and calming soothing balms are added to each treatment to help keep the nerves at bay.

For those dogos that are happier on their own, we have a private room where the entire grooming experience is focussed and without other dogos present. One of our experienced groomers will be with your dogo from beginning to end making the experience as stress free as possible.

When is a treatment for a groomer or a vet?

At Dogo Sapien, we like to say that grooming focuses on the outside of your dogo and we leave the inside bits (ears and anal glands) for the vets. This of course doesn’t mean we leave the ears completely, they will always have a good cleanse and if we find there is a little something going on inside, we will let you know and you make an appointment with your local vet.

What if my dogo is a little awkward with other dogos?

At Dogo Sapien we know some dogos are a little socially challenged, our private room is a place where they can be groomed in peace from start to finish. The private room is also available for pampering and specific spa treatments.

Old age catches us all, how does Dogo Sapien manage this?

Old age comes to us all, so at Dogo Sapien we make sure our old dogos have all of the right equipment so accessing the baths and grooming tables is easy and stress free. We also have a variety of treatments to help older dogos with sore joints and sensitive skin. Let us know your dogo’s special needs when you make your appointment.

What’s the best way to look after my dogo in-between grooms?

The best way to look after your dogo between grooms, regardless of the breed, is to keep up regular brushing. Ask our expert groomers how best to brush your dog and if you don’t have the right tool for the job, why not pick up the right brush in the spa shop.

What if your dogo is not feeling 100%?

If your dogo is not feeling well, or if you think they may not be in the mood to mingle, just give us a call and we will reschedule your appointment.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, American Express, Apple Pay and G Pay and of course cash.


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