Get your pup off to the right start

It’s a good idea to introduce your dogo to grooming while they’re young and set them up for a lifetime of happy and safe grooming experiences. No matter the size or breed, it’s important their grooming experience gets off to a good start.

Once you can take your puppy out and about after their second vaccination, it’s a good idea to introduce them to some grooming – so a bath & blow dry and familiarisation with the grooming environment at about 12 weeks is ideal. A first groom, which we call the Puppy Groom, at 16 weeks is recommended (just a tidy groom at this stage, tidy up of the face, feet and hygiene area, but no length off the body). Then 4 weeks later at 20 weeks, a Full Groom is recommended. Between 5 months and 12 months, a dog develops their adult coat. It is important to start grooming before this time, because as the coat changes, matting can occur, which means you may need to come back shorter than you’d hoped and is not good for your dogo.  


The Pup-Start program includes a series of grooming appointments to get your Pup off to the right start. 

Deluxe bath & blow dry (around 12 weeks) – a little eye trim if needed.

Tidy Groom (around 16 weeks) – we call this one, the Puppy Groom! Bath & Blow Dry, tidy the face, feet & hygeine area.

First full groom (around 20 weeks)

Goodie bag (valued at $120) – includes: comb, slicker brush, shampoo & conditioner duo, pack of puppy dental sticks, Dogo Sapien Collar & cute toy.

LARGE PUPS  (Groodles, Labradoodles etc.) $450 – save up to $85      SMALL PUPS (Cavoodle, Moodle, Spoodle etc.) $350 – save up to $85

If your puppy is 6 months or older, see Tidy Groom or Full Groom listed under Grooming Treatments.


German shepherd puppy sleeping


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