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Private bathing and spa experiences

 At Dogo Sapien, we’ve created a private sanctuary for our guests to enjoy tailored spa treatments away from the distraction of other guests. This intimate and relaxing experience is perfect for older dogos, pups, nervous nellies or any any dogo who would benefit from a little extra TLC. With real dogo wellbeing benefits, the unique spa treatments are designed to improve your dog’s coat, skin and muscular health.

Your dogo will luxuriate in a warm bath using products infused with the highest quality botanicals and essential oils, carefully selected for dogos and all vet approved. During the bath your dogo will enjoy an all over massage to help relieve anxiety, tension and fatigue. The selected treatment will then work to pamper and maximise the health benefits leaving your dogo happy and  relaxed.

German shepherd puppy sleeping

Soothe & Restore

Designed for older dogos, very active dogos, nervous dogos and puppies

A luxurious bath, infused with the highest quality essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Helping to relax and relieve sore joints and muscle pain and can also help eliminate or minimise itchy and irritated skin.

A bath every 2-3 weeks can work wonders on a multitude of ailments.

Treatment includes:

  • Luxurious bath with infused oils
  • Mud mask on the paws to nourish and soothe
  • Activated charcoal face scrub to remove toxins and pollutants and nourish skin and coat
  • Relaxing massage with sea-breeze oil
  • Double wash and condition of coat
  • Blow dry, brush and comb through

S $100 | M $125 | L $145 or $50 if added to any grooming treatment.

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Cleanse & Revive

Designed for curly and double coated dogos

We start this treatment with a mud or activated charcoal exfoliant all over the coat to remove surface dirt and dead skin cells.

Then we let warm water work its magic, massaging the coat and skin leaving it fresh and with natural shine. We finish with a double wash and condition of the coat, warm blow dry brush and comb through.

This treatment will not only leave them squeaky clean and gorgeous but it helps promote de-shedding which is great for our double coated dogos.

S $100 | M $125 | L $145 or $50 if added to any grooming treatment.

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