Dogo Sapien – Waiver and Release of Liability (terms of service)

Please read the terms of the Waiver and Liability Release carefully before signing.

At Dogo Sapien, we care about your dog’s safety and well being and want to make your visit a safe and happy one. Prior to having your dogo groomed at Dogo Sapien, please read and agree to the following Waiver and Liability Release. By signing you agree to the terms and risks outlined below and indemnify Dogo Sapien Dog Grooming for all claims arising from accidental injury to your dog or damage to your property.

Disclosure for Grooming

Vaccinations/Insurance/Health of your dogo:

I warrant my dog is up-to-date with all vaccinations and to the best of my knowledge is in good health and free of fleas and ticks. If fleas or ticks are found during the groom, I agree to pay the additional flea and tick treatment fee.

If my dog is not desexed and I have not informed the Dogo Sapien team, I will be responsible for all behavior and any associated costs or outcomes that are created by my dog.

Dogo Sapien reserves the right to refuse treatment, or to stop treatment in progress if your dog poses a threat to themselves, other dogs, equipment or the Dogo Sapien team either by aggressive or other behavioural issues. I understand a muzzle, collar or other restraints may be fitted during the grooming process if my dog shows signs of aggression or poses a risk to staff or other dogs.

Owner Responsibility:
I agree to be solely responsible and liable for any and all acts of behaviour by my dog(s). This may include but is not limited to injury or death of your dog, injury or death to another dog(s), or injury or death to any individual providing services in our spa, or other member of public using our spa.

If your dog is hurt or becomes ill, we reserve the right to administer first aid and seek veterinary services should it become necessary. If your dog receives treatment, medication, or other attention you agree to pay all expenses directly to the veterinarian and will not hold Dogo Sapien or any individual providing services responsible or liable for any resulting expense.

Matted Coat
I agree that if the dog is presented to be groomed in a matted, oily or contaminated condition, I give consent for Dogo Sapien to clip my dog to a shorter cut or shave as is necessary (in Dogo Sapiens opinion) to remove the matted coat and/or use specific product(s) during the bathing process. While the Dogo Sapien groomer will exercise caution and their duty of care, I am aware that due to its condition, the dog may be cut or have an adverse reaction to the product(s) used. Additionally, there could be skin issues below the matt that we are unable to see.

Dogo Sapien or any individual performing the grooming service will not be held responsible for clipper burn and/or nicks resulting from grooming of matted and neglected coats, or for irritation caused by removing such coat from dogs possessing skin allergies, nor will we be held responsible for stressful effects such grooming may have upon a dog.

I acknowledge that in the unlikely event of any of these outcomes, Dogo Sapien will obtain immediate veterinary treatment and any such veterinary treatment for their pet will be at the client’s expense.

Risks to Dog/General Grooming Risks: Great Care will be taken when performing any grooming procedure, however, I understand that possible reactions such as stress and skin irritation, as well as possible nicks to the skin, or toenail quicks may occur. Additionally, problems occasionally arise after the grooming visit such as bleeding of nicks, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress. Grooming can also expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. I agree not to hold Dogo Sapien or any individual performing services responsible for any injuries, which might result from this grooming process.

Ageing and Special Needs Dogs

I am aware that as a dog ages, or if the dog has special medical conditions, the process of grooming may become stressful, both physically and mentally. The stress of grooming may cause latent, unknown, active or inactive conditions such as arthritis; bone, joint or surgical sites to become active or inflamed, and unknown active or inactive heart, kidney, or liver disorders to become active and can result in illness, seizures, or the death of the dog. Although we take responsible care in the grooming of the dog, I acknowledge that the stress of grooming may initiate immediate or latent medical problems in your dog. I agree not to hold Dogo Sapien or any individual performing services responsible for reactions to grooming.

Moles/Skin Lesions/Tumours/Other Skin Irregularities:

Because these skin irregularities may protrude from the skin, they are vulnerable to nicks or cuts during the grooming process; owners agrees not to hold Dogo Sapien or any individual performing services responsible for any cuts or nicks and skin reactions/irritations due to grooming process.

Grooming Enclosures

I agree and understand my dog may be placed in grooming enclosures before and after their treatment. Enclosures are not cages or placed ‘out of site’. Your dogo will be comfy and fully supervised. This is only a measure to keep your dogo and other dogs safe and happy during their stay.

Pick Up

When dropping off your dog you will be given a timeframe for completion of the treatment. We will text you 15 minutes before the service is complete and request that all dogs are collected within thirty minutes of the treatment concluding (unless otherwise arranged).

I agree to pick up my dogo up on time and understand that Dogo Sapien does not have holding or boarding facilities for my pet for more than 30 minutes after the groom.

I understand late pick ups may be subject to an additional $25 per hour holding fee to cover additional cost incurred by Dogo Sapien.

Cancelation fees

I understand if I cancel my appointment on the same day I will be subject to a cancelation fee of 50% of the cost of the grooming service booked. This will be paid prior to commencing the next appointment.

Double coat clip

I understand that Dogo Sapien does not recommend shaving double coated breeds unless a medical reason has been established.

The groomer will discuss alternative grooming and in-between home care options. Regardless of this advice, if I choose to proceed with a double coat clip, I will do so with full knowledge of the risks. Dogo Sapien will ask you to sign a separate Short Clip Authorisation form if requesting this service.

Privacy and information collection

I understand that Dogo Sapien will use my information in the course of providing grooming services and may also send SMS and email communications and marketing to me. I may opt out of marketing messages at any time. Dogo Sapien may also use images of each dog groomed on their social media and website.

I agree and understand and hereby release Dogo Sapien, owners, partners, contractors, volunteers, financially or otherwise, for injuries to my dog, myself, or any property of mine while my dog is participating in services or on site at Dogo Sapien.

I agree that I have read and understand the rules and conditions for Dogo Sapien.

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