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Why Dogo Sapien?

We live at an unusual point in human history, with the time; money and space to have dogs live alongside us as equals in our lives.

Dogo Sapien is not about treating dogs like humans, it’s about integrating them into our everyday lives, sharing our creature comforts and looking out for their wellbeing like any member of the family.

At the heart of it, it’s about treating them with love and respect and honouring the deep connection we have and have done since the dawn of time.

We share our lives with dogs, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We have the same senses, share emotions; some of us even look the same. They are our friends, confidantes, comforters, healers, fitness partners and our welcoming committee when we arrive home. Our fond farewellers when we leave, they accept us unconditionally, without judgement and provide us with endless warm snuggles and happiness. Dogs are now family, no longer ‘just’ the family dog. We are truly connected.

So don’t hold back, tell them you love them, look into their eyes, pat them more often, show them attention and spend more time with them.

Dogo Sapien. Unleash the love.



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