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Why the luxury spa?

Some dogs love grooming, others not so much, but most of them need it to keep their coats, skin, teeth, ears, nails and all the other bits healthy, fresh and comfortable. So, it’s important that this essential part of their wellbeing routine is enjoyed (or at least tolerated). They deserve a great experience every groom and should be treated with the highest standard of care, love, respect and expertise.

The Dogo Sapien spa sets a new standard in grooming. A team of dog loving, highly skilled and trained groomers and bathers take the utmost care and attention throughout the entire treatment. State of the art equipment, all natural premium grooming products and specialist techniques set in a luxury spa setting make for the ultimate grooming experience. The spa is clean, safe and spacious so the dogos can roam free and socialise. Or, if they are not feeling it (not all of us can be social butterflies all the time) they can have some ‘me time’ in a snuggly open pen and watch the world go by.

For a next level grooming experience, visit the Dogo Sapien Spa, Torquay – or who knows, one day… at a place near you.

Dogo Sapien. Unleash the love.


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